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Aye Tours Scotland is based in the capital of the Highlands - Inverness. We are all about helping you make the most of your visit in a relaxed and fun filled tour.

You will be accompanied by an actual Highlander in a kilt.  His experience and knowledge can take you to the best places the Highlands has to offer.  Be ready to engage in stories of legendary folklore mixed with historical accounts.


Our Semi-Private day tours are carefully planned out to give you a well-being getaway surrounded with breathtaking scenery. You will be at world famous locations and experience local culture.


Be it a surprise gift, marriage proposal, honeymoon, photography, research, tracing out your Scottish heritage or to simply check-off your bucket list... we promise you a heart-warming, memorable vacation of a lifetime.

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(minimum 2; maximum 7)


Our tours are Semi-Private. Your group will be matched up witlike-minded tour mates. If there are no other match, you automatically get a chance to a Private tour.

Private Tours are possible for a group with a minimum of 4. Solo Travellers are welcome on a Wait-list basis. Please contact us to put you on the List. It is open up to 3 weeks before the tour date.  We hope to give you enough time to find other options in case we run out of availability.

Tour fees differ per group. It highly depends on when and where you bought your tour.  Booking directly with us guarantees best price and customer service.

During the tour, always practice Covid prevention and courtesy in general. Bring a bug spray if you are prone to insect bites during summermeds for motion sickness, etc. Wear appropriate, comfortable 

clothing. Waterproof hiking shoes,

 hats, jackets are highly



Walks or Hike level of difficulty are relatively moderate. If you have any medical conditions, don't forget to take or bring your prescribed medication for the day. Your health, comfort and well-being will ultimately be up to you.  

You can bring snacks/food/drinks in case we miss restaurants/cafes lunchtime schedule or stops at convenience stores.

Minors and Seniors must always be accompanied with their respective Guardians.



Look out for a ginger Peugeot

Traveller luxury van with a shiny Aye Tours Scotland logo. Your tour comes in with complimentary pick-up and drop-off within 5 miles of Inverness City Centre.  

Buffer wait-time is 10 minutes. Any later than that, will be up to your tour mates. 

On-The-Way pick-up 'might' be possible.  Please contact us to make arrangements.


Out-Of-The-Way pick-up or outside the 5m/8km radius is highly

discouraged.  This will affect the tour itinerary, duration and can incur additional fees.

Backpacks or Carry-ons per person should be ok. Luggage bags are discouraged due to limited space.

We are equipped with the following

should you need them:
• Heated seat with massage function
 • Mobile charging ports

 • Bottles of drinking water

 • Pulldown trays 

• Brochures

 • Umbrellas

• Sanitizers 

• Sick bags 

• First Aid Kit

 • Bin



Aye Tours Scotland reserves the right to the following:

‣  Reject bookings that we cannot accommodate

‣  Cancel bookings for full refund due

to unforeseen circumstances (i.e travel restrictions, emergencies)


‣  Update our tour prices as we deem

necessary to operate. 

‣  Make changes during the tour

when the need arises.

‣  Refuse service due to unsettled fees, misleading information or any 

untoward behaviour in general.

‣  Not to be held liable for any accidents, personal injury, damage or loss of property, 

missed travel schedules or any appointments thereafter.



For everyones safety, comfort

and well-being,  we cannot accommodate the following:


‣  Ages 0 to 5 year olds

‣  Wheelchair/mobility assistance

‣  Anyone with high risk health

conditions (i.e expecting a baby,

feeling unwell)



In case of changes to your tour,

please let us know as early as you can.  We cannot promise to accommodate changes later than 3 days notice. 


Should you decide to cancel,

please contact us 2 days before your tour to get a Refund. An 8% transaction fee may be applied.

  Any later will be non-refundable.



We leave the following items below at your discretion.  They are not included in our tour prices. 


‣  Lunch, Food and Drinks

‣  Admission fees to some Attractions

like Castles, Museums, Distilleries, Tasting, Boat Cruise, etc

They can range from £5 to £250+